The Dirty Story

At the Age of 16 I found myself bored out in summer school and decided to apply in a window film application job. The Year was 1983 and Window Film Around the Globe was to a large extent still in its infancy with regard to being the Product that it is Today. I landed my First Job That Year After “Wowing” my Coach with my super ability to get window film down on the Third Try.

After being an employee for a few companies in my area, I decided at the age of 20 that the vision of the Companies whom I was working for was quite Limited and That I Could do a Much Better Job Starting out on my own. Juggling Family, College, and a Freshly Started Window Film Company; the First Years of my Company had no certain direction, as all I was trying to do was to feed my family and please as many customers as I could.

Many years later I ran into the Internet and Found Window Tint Forums and Realized many of my Peers around the World Shared the Same Passions and Interest as I did in the Film Business. It is then that I Decided to Network with as Many Individuals in the film business and try to Improve Our set of skills through sharing ideas through the Facebook Platforms we have today. Throughout My Journey as a Mobile Window Film Applicator, then Renting a building for Many Years and Ultimately Acquiring Land and Building my Business from the Ground up….I tested myself through many Window Film Competitions Around the United States, collecting many Trophies and Learning the Best Application Techniques from my Peers around the Nation. It is this distinct attribute that has allowed me to earn the respect from my colleagues around the World.

My Ultimate Goal as Being One of the Best Applicators of Window Films in our Modern Times, is to give Back to my Peers through Tips and Tricks on “how to” in the art of window film applications. I want to Leave a Carbon Footprint, a Legacy to Pass on to others so that they too could do the same with their Peers.

One of my First Major Accomplishments was Developing the Dirty Pouch. I saw a Need for a True Window Film Installers Tool Pouch, and there was not even One that would Fit the Ticket. I developed and Launched other Dirty Products and added a Tool List I have Chosen to Sell to My Peers around the Globe.

The Tools I am Offering I believe are Better in Many Respects as I have acquired this Information from Installers in Every Corner of the World. Every Tool I Sell I also Use. No other Tool Company has My Specific Set of Skills for Application and Most Do not Even Know How to Use the Tools They Sell…That is Why I Decided to Sell Tools. I hope to Have Your Support and If You have any Questions or Ideas on How We can Improve a Product, Feel Free to Reach Out to me at any Time.

Respectfully Yours;