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Category: Dirty Tank & Tank Accessories


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New Stainless Steel Tanks That Are Built To Last Forever!


STAINLESS STEEL Tank-5 Gallon***Free Ship in USA!***
New Stainless Steel Tanks That Are Built To Last Forever!


40 Micron Filter Stainless-World's First Ever!
The easiest, cleanest, most effective filter the world has ever seen!


Brass Air Intake Valve/Chuck for Slip Tanks!
Brass air intake valve/chuck...Super solid construction...USA stock!


Brass Sprayer Variable Tip!!
For any Tint and PPF application that requires slip solution adjustments from fan spray to stream spray!  Brass component to last a lifetime!


Cornelius Tank Complete Hose System!
For the individuals who love a cornelius tank hose sprayer system ready to plug and make money, this is IT! Stainless Sprayer Tip to last a lifetime!  Sprayer Body made with super durable polypropylene material!  Just drop in your favorite filter from dirty-tools.com and You are Set!  Sprayer comes as pictured and nothing else.  Filters available at web site!


PolyCarbonate Inline Filter 40 Micron-Stainless Mesh!
No more corrosion inside your inline filters, and no more breaking glass inline filters!  40 Microns of pure cleanliness with stainless filter for a lifetime of use!


PolyPump W/FLexTube and 40Micron Filter!
An Industry's First Forward Thinking Poly Pump design developed for the tint, ppf, and auto detailers community!!  Flex Stem for dispensing slip in sideways position.  Industry's only 40 micron filter for clean clean slip!  


Sprayer Hose with Frontal 40 Micron Inline Filter!
Sprayer Tank Hose (25')  with an Integrated High Quality Made in the USA 40 Micron Filter!  Filtration system is not made of Glass so no more worries over broken parts.  Easy access stainless steel filter for fast cleanups... Filter was installed next to the sprayer to allow it to filter any accumulations Hoses normally have...  Consider this your last line of defense!!


TeeJet 8mm Variable Sprayer Tip!
Variable tip for different spraying patterns from fan to jet stream! 8mm orifice opening for great controlled spray patterns!


Ready to Drop in.  Just add Your Favorite Strainer or 40 Micron Filter from Dirty-Tools.com Don't forget to pick up the filtration system here before you check out!!!  


BRASS Sprayer Body! Tint & PPF

Brass Sprayer body only.  For Tint, PPF and other applications where pressurized slip will be used from a Cornelius Tank.