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Category: Tint Tools


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4" Teflon Card-Orange
4" Teflon Card-Orange....Medium Durometer.   Cut to shape for tight corners of vehicles.  Teflon hard card squeegees have been an industry favorite for many years because of their versatility and ease of use. For everything from heat shrinking window films to laying down vinyl graphics and paint protection films.


All in 1 Tool-For those Tight Corners!
This tool has a great design to be held by the right or left hand, and can fit in the tightest of side seals and corners and below the gasket... It is prepared with a proprietary process to ensure Teflon adhesion and long life usage.  This Tool will no Scratch window film with a solid hardcoat.


Blade Clipper for 45 and 30 Degree Blades!
If blade clippings on the floor or inside tool apron are a concern, this blade holder will store them safe inside!  Just clip, and blade clip will be stored safely and later disposed via removable bottom base.


Brass Barbed Swivel 1/4 NPT for Hose System
Brass Barbed Swivel for long life.  Swivels for no kinks on your slip hoses.  1/4 NPT and barbed for 1/4 size hose.


Ceramic Elixir Coating- 50 ML Bottle
Ceramic Coating from Ceramic Elixir.  Top Quality! 50 Mls for multi vehicle coverage!  Keep More money in Your Pockets! Comes with Applicator Pad and Cloth!


Dirty Rope Original Size-Water Soaking Rope
Water Soaking Rope Designed to be used Tucked in Windshield or Backwindow to prevent excess water from reaching electronics and causing expensive damages. buy bulk and save Big!!!$$$$


Dirty Tools Plastic Glass Scraper
Today's soft glass on rollups calls for a tool that will not scratch the surface, or any coating on it! Plastic Razor Blades are a great alternative, but they come in 1" size only.  This scraper is 4.5" wide to cover area fast and get window squeaky clean for window tint installations.  Use these wherever there is glass!


Door Guards by Dirty Tools
Door Guards will protect you from the largest of liabilities when installing window film on a vehicle and getting panels wet.  Universal fit ensures coverage for most vehicles up to 40 inches wide...


Door Guards by Dirty Tools With Your Optional Logo
Door Guards will protect you from the largest of liabilities when installing window film on a vehicle and getting panels wet.  Universal fit ensures coverage for most vehicles up to 40 inches wide...


Glass Cleaning Rag/Lint-Free/10 Pack!
Glass Cleaning Rag Highly Specialized to Leave any Area Lint Free for a Superb Installation!  Hundreds of Washes, Provides Excellent Installations and Value! Pack comes with 10 pieces.


Graphtec Blade Holder Tuned/Ready to Use!
Graphtec Blade Holders with a 30Degree Super Steel Blade (better than original graphtec blade) for the Plotter users who have been struggling with setup of a High Quality blade with blade holder.  I have taken the time to tune them up for use with Ceramic window film.  Simply Drop in and Start making $$$$.  These Blade Holders and Blades are of the Highest Quality components there are in the World!  Absolutely no dealers!


Graphtec Plotter Blade 25 Degrees
Graphtec Plotter Blade from Dirty tools is a real winner.  25 Degrees for window tint.  It is considered the Perfect degree for cutting window tint.  Specifically made with Superb Long Lasting Quality Alloys that are made for durability cutting today's Ceramic Based Window Films.  Get a blade that is made for cutting today's thicker window films!  Better than OEM quality!  Guaranteed!


Hard Card Sharpener
Bring Back life to Your Old cards that scratch window tint.  Sharpen them and keep them like new!


Hook Tool- Sweep and Seal Remover
Hook Tool to Remove Door Sweeps and Seals from car windows for Bottom Loading.  Made of High Quality Forged Steel.  Made in the USA.


Litto Yello- Corner Tool No Scratch Teflon Coated!
Reaching for Corners with uncovered tools will lead to nasty scratches that customers will see and ask you to redo them.  Avoid the expensive and time consuming redos and reach for a Litto Yello!!!


NT 30 Degree Carbon Blades- 100 PK
NT 30 Degree Blades...Sharpest on Planet! 100 Count


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