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Category: Tint Tools


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Olfa Stainless Steel Blades 50PK. Made in Japan!
Original Equipment to Ensure Great Cuts on any Window Tint, PPF and Vinyl.  Stainless Steel.


Original Chizler

Original Pink Chizler.  Conceals Most Dust and Lint Particles in Window Film.


Plotter Strip Protector! Fits Multiple Plotters-Any Length!
Protect your plotter strip with this heavy duty laminated teflon strip.  Simply clean surface of existing plotter strip and place this atop it.  Simple! Never buy another plotter strip..NEVER! Roll has 30 lineal feet.


Reach Corner Tool
Innovative Tool with an Ergonomical Design to Fit in Those Pesky Tight Corners and Excellent Tool to Help You Tuck Your Film Under the Tightest Sweep! In Bright Yellow Color so You Won't Easily Lose it Inside Customer's Vehicle!


Reach Tool on Steroids
The Reach Tool has Found New Uses Allowing it to Go where no hard card has gone before.  Tight Corners with scratches will be a thing of the Past! Wrapped with a Buffer and High Quality 3M Slip Tape to Make this Tool Perform for Years to Come!


Ridin Dirty Cap! Dirty Branded Gear
Constructed of the highest quality material deserving of a Dirty Branded Product!  We appreciate your support!


Sprayer Head-High Volume..Easy Grip Handle!
Sprayer Head with High Volume, High Efficiency, and Rugged Design.


Stainless Steel 1" Square Blades
Stainless Steel 1" blades for prepping car windows and removing window film.  Stainless Steel will reduce risk of scratching car glass.  High quality grade.


Teflon Coated Slip Tape- Prevents Scratches on Window Tint!!
Its hard keeping hard cards "scratch free" for gliding them over window film... Finally, a tool that will help all your installs come out as "scratch free" as Possible!! This kit will holds 75+ pieces... ( 10 meters long, by half inch wide)


Tire Guards by Dirty Tools! Set of 4
Cover your vehicle tires to control unwanted debris on your installs! Set of 4.


Window Prepper-Soft Rubber Strip!
When prepping a window, this tool is the best in the business for a streak free, dust free installation surface!


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